Possible security leak Ubuntu 7.10 ?

My first real post, due some problems with time management (read, not enough), but here it is.

Last week, finally my brand new memory for my (almost) 4 year old computer came in and this evening I finally had some time to replace my old ones (due some errors). While I was busy I realized I had still two old IDE harddisk in my desktop which I disconnected, cause I thought at that time they where causing the strange hick-ups.

I reconnected every thing and I was ready to go and see if there was still some nice data on the two disks. Unfortunately Ubuntu had some problems with booting, the two disks I added gave some problems with fsck and I ended up in the shell. I thought well I can at least change my fstab, cause my home folder is placed on another partition and all the disks had a new number (sda, sdb, etc.).

I was typing “nano fstab” and after editing the file I realized I forgot the “sudo” command. So I had root privileges without logging in. Maybe I see this wrong, I’m still a bit new to Linux, but you can see it really surprised me.

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