XNA 3D Pong

At school we got 2 XNA lessons, just to fill up our last weeks, since I hope to graduate this year. 2 lessons isn’t much, especially when you realize that that’s about 3 hours total.

The last assignment of the XNA lessons was to create a simple 3D game with XNA. First I thought this got to be really, really easy, especially cause we build a 3d engine in OpenGL a year earlier.

Unfortunately, it was a bit harder then I first thought. Displaying 3D objects in XNA is really easy, but creating a game with it, is a bit harder. There are just tons of tiny little things you just have to know, like a parent bone? I had never heard of it, but it is a bit essential when you create your own objects and want to use them. After all, with a lot of help from my friend called “The almighty Internet”, it seems that it is possible to create a very basic, simple 3D game in one day.

Luckily for me, we have to work in pairs, so my classmate may fill in all the details :-).

For those who are curious, here is the source code, but remember, I’m a complete n00b at XNA.


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  1. You know – This simplistic game is more for helpful (And easier to learn from) for people starting XNA than most of the links Google has to offer (I know – I’ve turned the first 3 link-pages of “XNA 3D Tutorial” purple…)

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