Scribefire, finally a replacement for Windows Live Writer?

Although I like Windows (I think Windows 7 works pretty well), I find myself most of the time working on one of my Linux machines. When I wanted to make a blogpost I had to use the WordPress buildin editor, which works, but is very basic compared to Windows Live Writer.

So I went googling and after some searching I found several tools which should be a good alternative to Windows Live Writer on Linux. Unfortunately most of the tools aren’t and I tried about 5 different programs, I always was missing something, most of the time the ability to just copy and paste images.

Until I found Scribefire, which is a plugin for several browsers. I installed it on Firefox and it seems really a great tool. The best blogging tool so far which works on Linux. Since it is a Firefox plugin I guess it would also work on other operating systems. Didn’t try that yet, but I think it has a great chance to beat Windows Live Writer on mine Windows machines. Just see if this post by Scribefire will actually work 🙂

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