Nutanix Protection domains migration with VMware vDS fails

Nutanix has this great feature of protection domains and remote sites, which makes it possible to create snapshots of virtual machines and copy these to an other site. This also gives the great possibility to do a failover of VM’s to another site without having to use VMware SRM. Unfortunately in at least version there is a problem when making use of a virtual distributed switch which results in an unavailable VM after a migration.

This problems occurs cause every cluster has his own datastore. Nutanix takes care of copying the VMs between datastores. When using a virtual distributed switch, the virtual distributed switch information is also stored on the datastore in a folder called .dvs.

vDS on Datastore

This data is not taken by the replication process of Nutanix, however I tried copying this data myself but it didn’t give me a working solution.


This results in VMs which are disconnected from the network and you are even unable to enable the connection from the VM settings. The only way to fix this manually is by changing te network or the network port on the virtual distributed switch.

Since Nutanix has an extremely powerfull API and VMware delivers also great automation tools with PowerCLI, it was pretty easy to create a script, which automates the proces of a migration and restoring the networking connections. The script is based on the VMware script attached to the KB article below.

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VMware KB: 2013639

Make sure PowerCLI is installed, before running this script.


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